Bright Futures Start at UPSK


I am a proud parent to have made one of the best decisions for our child I could have ever made. Today my son is 17, his educational journey began at Ursuline Preschool. We chose Ursuline Preschool because of its Catholic traditions and being very much in alignment with our family beliefs. You could say that we are very traditional old school parents. We toured the school and found it to be very warm and a safe place for our son. Signing him up for Preschool at Ursuline was the beginning of our beautiful journey not just for him but with us as well.

I wish most educators would resolve themselves to realize every child does not fit in an educational, social and behavioral box. Mrs. Mary Ann Critell is one of those educators that understands that every child learns differently. She is the most heartfelt woman I have ever met. She knows how to develop our children to the concepts of learning and does it so that each child can grow in their own individual way. She treats every child as if her own and that can’t be found anywhere but Ursuline Preschool. The day we had to move on to elementary school was a very sad day for us as parents. We knew that the special care and attention that was given not only to our son but to every child at Ursuline Preschool would be over. Luckily for us his experiences with Mrs. C weren’t over, she volunteered herself to help him with additional tutoring as he progressed through elementary school. She has been part of my family’s life since the day we walked him into kindergarten. Even preparing him for Confirmation was a task she took on so graciously. Our friendship has remained sincere and genuine. I’m so grateful and proud to call her a friend and to have had Ursuline Preschool as the beginning of our son’s journey both educationally and spiritually.

Kathy Gulu

Being a first-time mother, I was a nervous wreck when it came time to decide on a school for my son. I only have 1 child. He is my everything. I changed my career to make sure I'd be available for him every day. So, looking for a school to send him to was a very stressful situation for me. Once my husband and I decided on UPSK it became a game of preparing him (more myself) to go to school.

The staff was so friendly and welcoming. Which made me feel more comfortable. The school year started, and my son had Mrs. Kelly for his teacher. Every day he came home he would tell me everything they did. Who was bad. Who was good. What they learned. How much he loved Mrs. Kelly.

My son does not keep secrets and he loves to talk. He truly adored his teacher. Once I got to know her better, I could see why. She was fun, had the kids’ safety as a priority, and she made sure that not one kid ever felt left out.  Which made me realize that we made the right choice in schools. He sang every day. He was happy every day. Which made me happy.

We also enrolled him in enrichment with Mrs. Conti. I thought this would be more like an afterschool care program. However, when he came home singing colors in Spanish, I realized it was so much more. The school has offered my child structure, which he needs, socialization, an irreplaceable education, and most important... he feels safe. I know he's safe and taken care of by this amazing staff. It truly is a family at UPSK and we are honored to be part of it.

Margherita Tedesco

We’ve had such a great experience at UPSK with all of our children! Our son loved it (especially the chapel) and has moved on! The staff helped our 2nd child who was very shy to shine! We can’t wait for our 3rd child to start in the fall. The staff became like family to us. Their programs and activities are wonderful, and I would highly recommend to everyone!

The Sikoras

A safe, inviting and caring community with prayer at the center of each day was home away from home for our children at Ursuline Preschool and Kindergarten. The director, Mrs. Mary Ann Critell, and the entire staff strive to make each child and their family feel special and greatly value communication between home and school. The teachers continually provide creative ways of learning and offer a balanced curriculum to meet the individual needs of each child in order to provide the children with a solid foundation to enable success as well as encourage and foster a love of learning at a young age. Ursuline Preschool and Kindergarten is special, and we will be forever grateful for the years our family spent there, the friendships that were formed and the lasting memories that were created. 

Julie Sardich