Registration & Enrollment Information

Step 1
Registering Your Child:

  • You may come and visit us at the school to pick up the Pre-Registration Form;
  • Or, if you have access to a printer at home, you can download the Pre-Registration Form, fill it out on your computer, print, then sign it.
  • You must then bring your signed Pre-Registration Form to the office, along with your registration fee of $35.
        • Once you bring in the signed Pre-Registration Form and your child is accepted, we can give you hard copies of the Enrollment Forms, which must be filled out, signed, and returned before your child can start school.
        • Or, if you would like to fill out the Enrollment Forms on your computer, feel free to download, fill them out, sign, and bring them to the office. (But please remember, your child must be accepted to move to the enrollment phase. Due to classroom size, some classes may be closed).

Step 2
Enrolling Your Child:

The following materials are required to enroll your child:

  1. The Pre-Registration Form
  2. $35 Registration Fee
  3. Child’s Birth Certificate
  4. Proof of Child Custody (if applicable)
  5. Completion of the Enrollment Forms
  6. Read the Parent Handbook
  7. Signed acknowledgement of receipt of Parent Handbook