Transitional Kindergarten Enrichment

You can extend your Transitional Kindergartner’s school day by two hours per day, up to five days a week. The enrichment curriculum is an extension of the Transitional Kindergarten daily program and students will continue their learning with a variety of creative activities.

The Enrichment Program includes:

  • Experiencing science through experiments
  • Reading activities and the study of various authors
  • Exploring foreign language and sign language
  • Dramatic play and art activities
  • Creative movement
  • Developing math concepts through baking and cooking
  • Children will participate in these activities as they relate to the theme or lesson being presented

Transitional Kindergarten Enrichment is a registered class in addition to your regular Transitional Kindergarten class.

You can register your student to be a part of the Transitional Kindergarten Enrichment program from one to five days a week. However, we do require students to be on a regular monthly schedule with regard to the days they attend the enrichment program. Enrollment in the Enrichment Program is limited.

Schedules & Info

  • Available Monday through Friday
  • 12:30 - 2:30 p.m.
  • Choose as many days as needed per week

Our Teachers